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Re: Ways to use Emacs when programming C++ with Visual Studio?

From: Thorsten Jolitz
Subject: Re: Ways to use Emacs when programming C++ with Visual Studio?
Date: Mon, 27 Oct 2014 09:41:23 +0100
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Óscar Fuentes <> writes:

> Thorsten Jolitz <> writes:
> [snip]
>>  - emacs can be used (after setting quite a lot of environmental
>>    variables) to interact with the MSVS C++ compiler via the cmd line
> VS comes with batch files for setting those environment variables. You
> can write a .bat that takes an arbitrary number of arguments, executes
> the VS .bat that sets the environment variables and then executes those
> arguments as a command. This is mine:
> rem vc2013.bat
> @call "c:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio
> 12.0\VC\bin\vcvars32.bat"
> %*
> From Emacs you do
> M-x compile vc2013.bat <command>

That looks easy enough, thanks.

>> I'm really new to this C++ thing, so I would appreciate some tips about
>> this topic, what can be done, what not, what is the state-of-the-art
>> (some prominent links I found are really old, like 10 years or so,
>> talking about Emacs 19...)?
>> Are there actually C++ teams with both Emacs and Visual Studio users? I
>> could imagine that e.g. in a Scala (SBT or Maven) project some
>> programmers use Eclipse, others Emacs ENSIME, and they can happily
>> co-exist, but would a similar co-existance be possible in a C++ project
>> on Windows with Emacs and Visual Studio?
> Absolutely. I only use the VS IDE for debugging (which seldom happens.)
> 99% of the time is coding and everything is done from Emacs. You can use
> CMake too, that creates VC project files, makefiles, etc from the same
> build specification.

Thats really good news. Thanks again for the hints.


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