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emacsclient -c -s whatever does not run .emacs for a fresh server

From: Hans Donner
Subject: emacsclient -c -s whatever does not run .emacs for a fresh server
Date: Thu, 27 Nov 2014 11:41:34 -0800 (PST)
User-agent: G2/1.0

Experimenting with the emacs (24.3.1) server icw x11 (on ubuntu 14.04)

I noticed when running `emacsclient -c -s serverid` does not run ~/.emacs or 
~/.emacs.d/init.el when serverid is just created via emacs --daemon=serverid. 
Both locally and via SSH with x11 forwarding.

Also, after visiting ~/.emacs and doing a eval-buffer, not all required files 
are loaded. (in the example below file2 is not eval-ed, also not when  eval-ing 
 file1, eval-ing file2 directly works )
Note I use rcm, everything is symlinked to .dotfiles (and below), and .emacs is 
require-ing some files that also in turn do a require, eg:
~/.emacs   -- ( symlink ) --> ~/.dotfiles/emacs
~/.emacs.d -- ( symlink ) --> ~/.dotfiles/emacs.d

~/.emacs -> require file1 -> require file2,
where both  file1 and file2 are in emacs.d/rc/

Running emacsclient without the -c  is working properly re the ~/.emacs, as is  
running /usr/bin/emacs (without the server connection) (file2 is also eval-ed)

I could not find any issue regarding this yet.

- is this already a known issue, and if so, where is it documented? 

- can anybody else reproduce this?

- what can I do to investigate this further and to provide some more details 
for a bug report? (I'am quite new to emacs, so might need some pointers. I have 
the same issue on another machine also running Ubuntu 14.04)


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