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How to get the connected forms of Syriac letters?

From: Fabian Rieger
Subject: How to get the connected forms of Syriac letters?
Date: Mon, 15 Dec 2014 22:12:17 +0100
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Is there a method to make Emacs show the connected (initial, medial, final) forms of Syriac letters? I'm using the Unicode-OpenType Meltho fonts, in Iceweasel/Firefox this works fine, but Emacs gives nothing but the isolated forms. The shaping of Arabic seems to work fine (I can't read it, but the letters change to isolated forms and back when a space is added or deleted inside a copyed word).
   My fonts:

      (set-default-font "DejaVu Sans Mono 20")
      (set-fontset-font "fontset-default" 'syriac
                "Serto Jerusalem 30")
      (set-fontset-font "fontset-default" 'arabic
                "Scheherazade 24")

I tried with Debian Wheezy + Emacs (from & built with configure option --with-m17n-flt (/usr/share/m17n/SYRC-OTF.flt looks promising but doesn't seem to help) following
The problem already was there with win2k & Emacs 24.3 a year ago ...



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