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RE: New to Bookmark+: Bookmarks for reading

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: New to Bookmark+: Bookmarks for reading
Date: Tue, 3 Feb 2015 11:58:19 -0800 (PST)

> > I'm making the transition from vanilla bookmarks to bookmark+ and am
> > realizing that BM+ has a completely different level of usage. I look forward
> > to learning it, but for now I'm struggling with the basics. In particular,
> > since I use bookmarks for actual reading, how do I update the bookmark of
> > the current buffer to my new location (within the buffer)? That used to be
> > the default with `C-x r m`, but now that things like tags and information
> > are involved, I'm worried about wiping all of that out every time I
> > "replace" a bookmark.
> >
> > Searchign through the bkmp lists doesn't reveal anything for updating. How
> > do I simply (and easily) update the file location the bookmark points to?
> +1: I'd also like this.  (And I'm also looking at bookmark+, though
> I had a bit of hiatus.)

(Replying to Marcin's message, since I haven't (yet) received Tory's
original message, for some reason.)

Bookmark+ uses the same relocation mechanism as vanilla bookmark.el.
Well, it uses a better one ;-), but the idea is essentially the same.

And no, you should not lose any bookmark data when a bookmark is
relocated, whether that relocation is automatic (e.g., when you set
a bookmark or jump to a bookmark) or on-demand (see below).

(See also option `bmkp-save-new-location-flag'.)

But as always, it doesn't hurt to first try out whatever you are
asking about on a single bookmark that you create just for a test
and can then toss.  Consider too that I might misunderstand your
question ;-).  You didn't specify in detail just what you are doing.

In general, do not do anything that affects something important
without first trying it out on something not so important.

Wrt relocating bookmarks on demand: If you hit `?' in *Bookmark List*
then you see this in the middle of the *Help* page.  Note the first
three lines.  Outside *Bookmark List*, use `C-x p r' (same as `r').

| Modify, Delete Bookmarks
| ------------------------
| (See also `Tags', next.)
| r     - Rename or relocate bookmark
| M-r   - Relocate bookmark
| M-R   - Relocate marked bookmarks
| T e   - Edit bookmark's tags
| C-u a - Edit bookmark's annotation
| e     - Edit internal Lisp record for bookmark
| E     - Edit internal Lisp records of marked bookmarks  (`C-u': all)
| C-M-x - Toggle temporary/savable status of bookmark
| M-X   - Toggle temporary/savable status of marked bookmarks
| M-x bmkp-delete-all-temporary-bookmarks       - Delete all temp bookmarks
| x     - Delete (visible) bookmarks flagged `D'
| D     - Delete (visible) bookmarks marked `>'


And while on the subject of being careful, consider backing up your
bookmark file from time to time.  The Bookmark+ doc for option
`bookmark-version-control' says this:

| bookmark-version-control is a variable defined in `bookmark+-1.el'.
| Its value is t
| Documentation:
| Whether to make numbered backups of your bookmarking files.
| This includes bookmark files such as `bookmark-default-file' and also
| Bookmark+ files `bmkp-bmenu-commands-file' and
| `bmkp-bmenu-state-file'.
| The option can have value `nospecial', `t', `nil', or `never' .  Value
| `nospecial' means to use the `version-control' value.  The others have
| the same meanings as for option `version-control'.
| Use value `t' if your bookmarks are important to you.  Consider also
| using numeric backups.  See also nodes `Backup Names' and `Backup
| Deletion' in the Emacs manual.
| You can customize this variable.

Note that the default value of this option is `t' in Bookmark+,
but it is `nospecial' in vanilla Emacs.

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