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PDF breaks emacs (PDF-Tools)

From: Tory S. Anderson
Subject: PDF breaks emacs (PDF-Tools)
Date: Wed, 04 Feb 2015 06:44:42 -0500
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I've been giving emacs PDF-Tools (very poorly documented here: a try and have been thoroughly 
impressed. For the majority of my needs I'm even willing to switch from the 
system pdf viewer (the excellent Okular) to this one. But then, just when life 
is getting rosy, my faith is completely undermined by a PDF that not only 
refuses to open, but causes all of emacs to crash terribly. The daring user of 
PDF-Tools can try such a file here:

I have not identified what causes the problem; other PDFs with image components 
or side-runners don't seem to be problematic, nor are PDFs of hundreds (even 
thousands) of pages in length. But if emacs crashes here, I'm not sure where 
else it may fail. Any suggestions? Otherwise, be warned. 

Note: by "crash" I mean, utterly and indefinitely freezes without warning or 

- Tory

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