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Re: zsh outside of Emacs (was: Why do we need a number of different term

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Re: zsh outside of Emacs (was: Why do we need a number of different terminal modes in Emacs?)
Date: Mon, 9 Feb 2015 11:57:34 -0700
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Karl Voit wrote:
> Robert Thorpe wrote:
> > Or does it mean you're using an unreleased version of
> > Emacs?  If it's the latter then that's probably the problem.
> The package is called emacs-snapshot. Debian GNU/Linux Wheezy was
> providing no Emacs 24 to me. Therefore I installed the snapshot
> package.

There is no emacs-snapshot in Wheezy.  Where did you pull the
emacs-snapshot package from?

When I heard you report that emacs crashed often for you I shrugged it
off thinking you were probably using it on a foreign operating system.
But then I was really surprised that you were using Wheezy.  I use
emacs on Debian Wheezy and Sid and it is rock solid for me.  It has
been literally years since I remember having seen an emacs crash.

> > If not I'd try a different Emacs build.  I'm using an old version of
> > XUbuntu with an Emacs from some PPA and it works fine.
> Which Debian Wheezy packages from which source do you recommend?
> (I will not compile anything on my own any more since I wont
> handle any compile errors or missing dependencies.)

Debian Wheezy 7 shipped May 4th, 2013 with emacs v23.  The upcoming
Jessie 8 will release with emacs v24.  For Wheezy 7 if you wish to use
emacs 24 the best recommendation is probably to use a backported
version backported from Jessie to Wheezy.

Basically add this to your sources.list file.

  deb wheezy-backports main contrib non-free

Then apply the backports target (-t wheezy-backports) when installing.

  apt-get -t wheezy-backports install emacs24 emacs24-common-non-dfsg

However do note that installing a backport for something as large as
emacs will pull in a lot of dependent libraries.  That is fine.
Upgrades to Jessie 8 will occur normally when upgrading.  But when
installing other applications the dependency chain may require
including backports in the target list for other things, especially
anything graphical, from then forward.  Eventually when you upgrade to
Jessie as the new Stable all of that is resolved and goes away.

Personally I use emacs v23 on Wheezy 7 and have no complaints.  In
fact every upgrade for me causes me to need to spend a bunch of time
and resources to understand the new changes and to make adjustments so
that it continues to be usable for me.  If I had the option to have a
rock solid version of emacs over one that crashed regularly I would
definitely choose the stable one!  At some point everyone must ask
themselves how much time can the spend chasing shadows?  I recommend
using the version with the Debian Stable release and then upgrading
when the stable release upgrades.  Of course the choice is yours.


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