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Re: Anyone have flyspell + autocorrect working?

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Re: Anyone have flyspell + autocorrect working?
Date: Thu, 12 Feb 2015 18:09:26 -0700
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Emanuel Berg wrote:
> In general I'm happy with ispell, I only think the dictionary should
> be much wider in scope.

There is always the personal dictionary.  When spell checking using
ispell-region for example one can always use 'i' to insert the word
into the personal dictionary.  If you are using computer terms and you
don't want them flagged then insert the word into the personal
dictionary.  It shouldn't take too long before it has been populated
with the terms you use often.

I haven't done that myself.  The problem for me is that after a while
that dictionary would contain so many words such as ispell which would
then no longer flag normal use of "spell" which were misspelled that
way.  I would rather keep human english communication separate from
technical jargon.  Perhaps two different dictionaries.  But having
only one means I want to be cautious.

But by all means if you like insert all of the technical jargon into
your personal dictionary.  You could even share that around with
others.  It could become a standard jargon dictionary that could be
promoted up to a system dictionary for standard inclusion.  I mean
what is the worst that can happen?  Usually when people say that the
worst that could happen is actually pretty bad but in this case it
would just be a spelling error and we all make those mistakes all of
the time anyway so not ultimately bad.


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