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[OT] about vim plugins when necessary

From: Harry Putnam
Subject: [OT] about vim plugins when necessary
Date: Wed, 18 Feb 2015 17:02:11 -0500
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Yes, I know I must be a screwball to try to post here with vim
questions, but I'm pretty sure I'm more likely to get knowledgable
answers or help here than anywhere else.

I'm sure others here find themselves in this situation sometimes too.

Where for whatever reason it is easier and faster to just use vim for
some coding on certain machines.  Especially when you find yourself on
a wide variety of hosts.

I use emacs exclusively for perl coding on my home machines and rely
heavily on cperl mode.

When shifting to vim, for whatever reason, and although I am fairly
familiar with the basic functionality, I feel terribly crippled when

I've never taken or maybe had the time to dig anywhere near as much
into vim as I have emacs... so don't really know where or even how to
find some kind of plugin that would answer in vim for what
`cperl-mode' does in emacs.

Currently wrestling with a plugin family called `vim-plugins-master' but
having a serious bit of trouble figuring out how to edit some of the
templates to my liking.  Or maybe how to employ something like emacs
`skeletons' capabilities .. where I write a bunch of helper
inserts. only for vim.  Similar to how I've done with emacs.

So, cutting to the chase: Can anyone here either help directly or
guide me to well documented vim plugins for perl coding.

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