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Re: Help for configure rmail

From: Albino Biasutti Neto
Subject: Re: Help for configure rmail
Date: Fri, 20 Feb 2015 16:59:17 -0200
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On 02/20/2015 12:26 PM, Robert Thorpe wrote:
> I assume Icedove is fairly similar to Thunderbird.  In that case go to

Yeah! [1]

> Edit-> Account Settings.  Pick "server settings" and look at the field
> "server name".  The name you specify to RMAIL or Movemail must be the
> same.  The full username must be the same too, if it has the "@" symbol
> in it then you need to use a hack, as I mentioned earlier.  Check the
> "Authentication Method" and "Connection Security" in Icedove.  If you're
> using TLS security then you need to specify "--tls" to the movemail
> command. 

Security: SSL/TSL
Method: Normal password

> If you're using Kerberos you need to specify -k, if you're
> using GSSAPI you need to specify -g.  You can do this by setting the
> variable rmail-movemail-flags.  These options are only supported by
> Mailutils movemail, AFAIK.

> In almost all cases POP3 uses port 110 and if it's encrypted port 995.

Encypted 995.

1 -

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