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web mode not loading properly emacs --daemon arch linux

From: Harry Singh
Subject: web mode not loading properly emacs --daemon arch linux
Date: Tue, 24 Feb 2015 17:46:03 +0530
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I have the latest emacs installed on my arch linux system. For a fast startup, I'm trying to run emacs server with emacs --daemon. But the problem is that web-mode autocompletion of tags does not work with emacs frames spawned (emacsclient -c) via this method. But when I try the same thing with |M-x server-start| after launching emacs, auto completion works in the said mode in similarly spawned frames.

I tried using |M-: (featurep 'web-mode)| to check if web-mode loaded properly, and it returned t in both cases. Not sure if this problem is limited to web-mode only as that's what I've tried so far.. I'm out of ideas - any help will be greatly appreciated.


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