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Re: use Elisp to improve your Elisp - some code issues

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: use Elisp to improve your Elisp - some code issues
Date: Thu, 06 Aug 2015 01:40:34 +0200
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Robert Thorpe <address@hidden> writes:

> I agree with Pascal & Marcin.
> Why not use the "read" function to read in the code
> of the file. Then you have everything as a tree.
> You can use car and cdr to walk the tree and find
> the relevant function calls. Then you're in the
> right place in the Chomsky heirachy.
> Suppose "a" and "b" are expressions rather than
> variables. Suppose that the two instances of "a"
> have different whitespace and comments between them.
> In that case they can't be differentiated by regex.
> Regex can't count parenthesis either.
> Another possibility is editing the byte-compiler
> source to provide more warnings.

If you read the code, you find the two most important
functions are `regexp-hits-find-hit' and
`search-regexp-in-files'. regexp means regexps!
That there are examples - which work - applied on Lisp
files don't change that.

Now, it doesn't say *one word* about re-parsing or
otherwise analyzing the code with respect imbecile,
ten million times accursed computer science theory.

If you want to do that - just do it! See if I will
come and have 42 degrees of expedition fever and
purposely misunderstand and be all negativistic.
Of course, I will not - and why do you think that is?

underground experts united

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