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Re: How to delete all nil properties from a plist?

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: How to delete all nil properties from a plist?
Date: Thu, 06 Aug 2015 01:49:39 +0200
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"Pascal J. Bourguignon" <address@hidden>

> Nonetheless, if you find it would be useful to have
> such a list, you can establish it.
> There are 636 functions in CL.
> If you research the best algorithms for each, noting
> the time and space complexities, and finding what
> complexities and (approximate) actual factors each
> implementation provide, for 2 functions each day,
> you will be done in less than a year.

You don't have to have a list of every single
function, the most common will do - but of course, the
more complete the list, the better...

But how do you find out? Before you told me, I didn't
know `append' was linear. Do you examine the code and
do analysis? If so, I'll pass this project :)

underground experts united

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