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Re: How the backquote and the comma really work?

From: Marcin Borkowski
Subject: Re: How the backquote and the comma really work?
Date: Tue, 11 Aug 2015 12:15:03 +0200

On 2015-07-21, at 23:54, Michael Heerdegen <address@hidden> wrote:

> Marcin Borkowski <address@hidden> writes:
>> So, what about this?  It seems to work.  OTOH, I think it's not the most
>> elegant thing possible, since there is some code duplication: mci/read
>> has this: (:open-paren (mci/read-list-contents)) in a (a)case statement,
>> and mci/read-list-contents has this: (:open-paren (setq next
>> (mci/read-list-contents))).  Something tells my mathematical mind that
>> there probably exists a cleaner approach.
> Yes, that code duplication is no coincidence.
> There's a bug with your new version btw.  "`" is handled differently at
> top level and at higher levels.  If you fix that, you will probably have
> even more duplicated code.

Thanks, that's my obvious mistake, though it seems that the fix is trivial.

> Michael.


Marcin Borkowski
Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science
Adam Mickiewicz University

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