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finding a file in a different git repository

From: Josh Stratton
Subject: finding a file in a different git repository
Date: Wed, 12 Aug 2015 08:01:46 -0700

I've installed helm to make finding files a little easier.  One thing that
is still a little frustrating though is the normal open file command that
will search for the file even if I'm not in the same directory will
sometimes find a file in a different repository than I'm currently in.  For
example, I'll launch emacs in repo1, hit "ctrl-x ctrl-f" and type the name
of the file.  Sometimes the file it finds is in the same directory I'm
working in, but other times it's not.  I've had be completely random, too,
so I assume helm (I believe helm is doing the search) isn't taking the
repository into account.  I'm not even sure how it's traversing at this

Is there an easy way to have helm only find files in the current

Here are my installed packages.

async              20150807.... installed  Asynchronous processing in Emacs
  coffee-mode        20150104.3   installed  Major mode to edit
CoffeeScript files in Emacs
  dash               20150804.... installed  A modern list library for Emacs
  epl                20150517.433 installed  Emacs Package Library
  expand-region      20141223.... installed  Increase selected region by
semantic units.
  git-commit-mode    20141014.... installed  Major mode for editing git
commit messages
  git-gutter+        20141002.... installed  Manage Git hunks straight from
the buffer
  haml-mode          20141213.920 installed  Major mode for editing Haml
  helm               20150811.307 installed  Helm is an Emacs incremental
and narrowing framework
  helm-core          20150811.307 installed  Development files for Helm
  helm-projectile    20150731.926 installed  Helm integration for Projectile
  pkg-info           20150517.443 installed  Information about packages
  projectile         20150807.620 installed  Manage and navigate projects
in Emacs easily
  sass-mode          20141010.... installed  Major mode for editing Sass

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