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Re: req-package

From: Edward Knyshov
Subject: Re: req-package
Date: Sun, 16 Aug 2015 10:32:48 +0000

Rusi, if I correctly understood your request, I think you already have this
functionality in req-package.
Req-package will do network downloads only in cases when package is now
available offline on your loadpath,
so it wil run correctly in offline, after you run it once with network
One thing I don't understand is why you need to avoid dependency management
in normal mode?
It runs offline and your config will be completely non-working if we start
to run without dependency related reordering.


On Sun, Aug 16, 2015 at 1:20 PM Rusi <address@hidden> wrote:

> On Sunday, August 16, 2015 at 3:32:23 PM UTC+5:30, Rusi wrote:
> > On Sunday, August 16, 2015 at 3:08:18 PM UTC+5:30, Edward Knyshov wrote:
> > > Hi.
> > >
> > > First thing we need to figure out is does use-package provide flexible
> > > enough api to implement req-package as new use-package keyword.
> > > Currently it works by calling (use-package ...) forms when
> corresponding
> > > are packages a ready to configure.
> > > We need a full control over packages loading flow, because we need to
> > > rearrange some stuff to get all this dance work.
> >
> > Err... I need to change my hat :-)
> > As an ordinary programmer, functional is generally better than
> imperative.
> >
> > However with implementer hat on I know that the more fancy-ly declarative
> > a language is the more complex the internals are going to be.
> > After all its a conservation law -- someone somewhere needs to think the
> > messy parts.  Just better to do it once-and-for-all and to forget
> thereafter.
> > So thanks you guys -- you and John -- for doing the messy work to help
> > us keep our inits short, sequence-tolerant logically organized and zippy.
> >
> > And just to remind, I jumped into these threads because I would like to
> hand
> > out to my students, init-fragments that are not so long arcane and messy
> as they
> > currently have to be. [Anyways they think I am nuts for using emacs...
> > So not too many available degrees of freedom :-)
> > ]
> And one more thing.
> I tried to say it in the 'recursion' thread... Maybe it was too long.
> So let me try to repeat it in short:
> Do consider a feature request for a batch-mode for req-package
> Ie.
> - In batch-mode it should do the network downloads etc, verify
> dependencies etc
> - In normal mode it should do imports as lazily as possible, bind keys etc
> --
> the use-package functionality -- assuming packages are in place.
> ie no elpa stuff here
> IOW requesting some help for us users to partition this frightening list
> (info "(elisp)Startup Summary")
> into manageable sections

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