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Re: What license to use for Emacs libraries?

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: What license to use for Emacs libraries?
Date: Tue, 18 Aug 2015 17:53:06 -0400
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> Does that mean that releasing Emacs libraries under GPLv2 is illegal?

Pretty much, yes.  Since they necessarily link to Emacs's own code which
is GPLv3+, you have to use a license that's compatible with GPLv3+.

Note that GPLv2+ is one such compatible license (as opposed to GPLv2).

> I did a cursory check, and it seems that all libraries built-in in my
> Emacs are GPLv3, but some other are not:

No, they're GPLv3+ (most licenses out there implicitly say "this version
or any later version of it", whereas the GPL is more strict and you
have to explicitly say "GPLv2 or later").

> for instance, my copy of Icicles has GPLv2, and some code on EmacsWiki
> has GPLv2.

If it's stritcly "GPLv2 and no later" then it's probably an error.

> Does that mean that GitHub is a part of a sinister software-patent
> conspiracy or something?

That wouldn't be a surprise, now, would it?


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