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Re: From Gnus to mu4e

From: Bastien
Subject: Re: From Gnus to mu4e
Date: Tue, 25 Aug 2015 07:49:38 +0200
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Julien Cubizolles <address@hidden> writes:

> I'm considering moving from Gnus to mu4e, mostly because I spend too
> much time tinkering with settings I don't really understand/need in
> Gnus, and because the search feature seems promising.

After a *lot* of scratching and testing, here is my setup:

- Gnus for news and mails: because there are too many things I miss in
  other MUA.  A simple example: quote only the selected region when
  replying.  This cannot be implemented easily in mu and notmuch.

- notmuch as a search engine: mu is really great (I used it the last
  three months) but I cannot get used to mu4e.  And starting mu4e with
  a database of 100K emails takes two or three seconds.

- mbsync to sync imap folders as local maildirs: I used offlineimap
  for several years and mbsync is just faster.

- postfix with smtp_sender_dependent_authentication to use various
  smtp servers depending on the email I'm using.  I see people use
  msmtp and msmtp-mta, which I tried for a while, but I'm just too
  impatient with the .3s you have to wait when sending.  Will
  reconsider in a decade, when Emacs has more asynchronous power :)

This is what I'm sticking too now and I'm fine.

I was fine for years with a dummy fetchmail+nnml setup... many
groups, many posting styles, no complexity.

Then I obeyed to the social pressure and moved to all the dovecot,
offlineimap, stuff -- and yes, OT discussions on the orgmode mailing
lists pushed me in this directions!

I must say that I was very frustrated for months that I didn't stick
longer to this setup.  Especially because I don't use fancy phones and
I don't really need to go "mobile" or to sync many devices... but now
I'm a grown up and I can haz another device that I'll sync in peace.

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