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how to create orgtbl from that

From: Paul K
Subject: how to create orgtbl from that
Date: Wed, 26 Aug 2015 12:17:29 +0300

Hallo people:

text data looks like following:

  col1            col2     col3
  nm              srm      dt
  ----------------- ---------- -----------
  raw1 for       col2     col3
  col1 comes             here

  raw2            col2     col3
  is here         ok

- no special character separates the columns. The only information
about columns is kept by ---dashes-with-space--- line.
- empty line is separator between records. All other lines start with 2 spaces.
- table is NOT postfix-aligned with space characters, ie. after `here`
and `ok` there are no space characters.
- there are more columns and rows in my real table than in this example.
- 2 spaces at the beginning of lines do not have to be preserved in result.

I need to convert this data into orgtbl table. The best would be some
elisp macro.

Have You some ideas how to do this?


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