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Re: w32-get-clipboard-data

From: Stephen Coda
Subject: Re: w32-get-clipboard-data
Date: Thu, 27 Aug 2015 01:13:41 -0700 (PDT)
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On Tuesday, 25 August 2015 15:54:26 UTC+1, Jason Rumney  wrote:
> On Tuesday, 25 August 2015 18:44:07 UTC+8, Stephen Coda  wrote:
> > For me, w32-get-clipboard-data
> > always returns null.
> w32-get-clipboard-data returns nil if Emacs owns the clipboard, so that the 
> internal yank implementation will be used instead, as that will preserve text 
> properties in addition to the raw text.
> If you copy some text to the clipboard outside of Emacs, does 
> w32-get-clipboard-data return the expected result then?  In what way is 
> copy/paste not working for you in Emacs?

Hi Jason,
w32-get-clipboard-data does return nil. Copy and Paste work only inside of 
emacs, but if I copy text from another app, say notepad, I can't paste it into 


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