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Re: From Gnus to mu4e

From: Ian Zimmerman
Subject: Re: From Gnus to mu4e
Date: Thu, 27 Aug 2015 16:50:23 -0700
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On 2015-08-28 01:34 +0200, Suvayu Ali wrote:

> > Because otherwise, you would have Gnus and offlineimap competing for
> > access ?

> I do not think this is possible.  In fact AFAIK, any kind of race
> condition in a maildir is not possible by design, as long as the
> filesystem operations are atomic.

I think this applies to the original delivery, but not necessarily to
subsequent manipulation of maildirs.

For example, the message flags are stored by appending them to the file
name.  If two MUAs concurrently scan the maildir for messages, then try
to set a flag on one message, a race is possible.

I observed wierdness when I tried to access my mail both by IMAP (the
with Dovecot as the IMAP server) and directly reading the underlying
maildirs with mutt.  That was part of the reason why I gave up on IMAP
entirely, and instead read over ssh and mutt locally on the server.

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