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Re: emacs doesn't show letters in RHEL6.6

From: Javier
Subject: Re: emacs doesn't show letters in RHEL6.6
Date: Mon, 4 Jan 2016 13:10:42 +0000 (UTC)
User-agent: tin/2.2.1-20140504 ("Tober an Righ") (UNIX) (Linux/3.18.6-1-ARCH (x86_64))

> I'm using RHEL6.6 but emacs is behaving very strange. Letters
> disappear (doesn't show) while I write or scroll. I have to do
> Ctrl-L to refresh to see the letters. Extremely annoying and I can
> hardly use emacs anymore. Version on emacs is 1:23.1-25.el6. I
> downloaded a newer emacs and compiled it, but the problem
> persists. Could it have something to do with X or gdm?

As a first guess I would put the blame on gtk.

Try to compile emacs again, but this time with the lucid toolkit.

./configure --with-x-toolkit=lucid  ; make ; make install

In most distros you don't need to compile since there is an
emacs24-lucid or emacs-lucid package, but since you are on RHEL
you may need to compile it yourself.

If that doesn't work try emacs -nw on the terminal, to see
if it displays letters ok.

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