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Re: [google-translate] JSON readtable error

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: [google-translate] JSON readtable error
Date: Wed, 06 Jan 2016 06:52:02 +0100
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Andrey Tykhonov <> writes:

> As you know, sometimes we get "JSON readtable error"
> the reason of which are the changes to the format of
> a request for translation. And `google-translate`
> needs appropriate changes when such
> situation occurs.
> Recently "JSON readtable error" have appeared again.
> And it still actual for v0.11.2 version. I've just
> committed a fix to the master. Please update
> `google-translate` to the v0.11.3.

I just updated it from MELPA. MELPA says version
20160104.328; the file .bump-version.el says 0.11.3 -
and most importantly, it *works*, so I suppose I got
the right thing :)

Thanks a lot! It is really a great thing to have.
As always (almost), I have some stuff to it - check it
out, and use it if you like it:

If the same thing can be achieved with options and
built-ins, of course, tell me.

Also: I get a couple of warnings when I install/update
from Emacs and MELPA. I suppose those aren't serious
as it works. But if they are superficial, it might be
a good idea to fix them as it probably will be a quick
fix. To have them reduces the confidence of the
software and is bad karma at the uncertain stage of
installation - or something! No, really.

Keep it up!

underground experts united

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