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Re: calwf

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: calwf
Date: Thu, 14 Jan 2016 09:09:23 -0500
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> (defalias 'view-diary-entries 'diary-view-entries) ;which was even
> obsolete in the diary-lib version of xemacs
> But also 
> (defalias 'general-holidays 'holiday-general-holidays)
> (defalias 'oriental-holidays 'holiday oriental-holidays)
> (defalias 'local-holidays 'holiday-local-holidays)
> (defalias 'other-holidays  'holiday-other-holidays)
> (defalias 'hebrew-holidays 'holiday-oriental-holidays)
> (defalias 'christian-holidays 'holiday-christian-holidays)
> (defalias 'islamic-holidays 'holiday-iclamic-holidays)
> Because of the  the following ChangeLog entry

Rather than add aliases which re-dirty the name space, you'll be better
off changing the source code to use the new names.

>> Usually issues of compatibility between emacsen are fairly simple
>> to solve. E.g. the "nice display" in weekly-view in XEmacs might be
>> due simply to the fact that when the code was written it used
>> features not available in Emacs, so the author put a (featurep
>> 'xemacs) test in it. In that
> He did not!


> My favorite debugging tool is edebug.

Same here.


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