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Re: Replacing huge hidden selection when pasting text

From: Alexandre Oberlin
Subject: Re: Replacing huge hidden selection when pasting text
Date: Thu, 14 Jan 2016 17:45:39 +0100
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Hi Kaushal,

Thanks for your suggestion. I am currently on Cygwin only, but I use different fonts on different systems, depending on what is available. If I explicitly define a region with e.g. SHIFT+arrow key, it is always perfectly visible.

M-x describe-face RET region RET (after points 1.2.3. of previous message):
Face: region (sample) (customize this face)

Basic face for highlighting the region.

Defined in `faces.el'.

           Family: unspecified
          Foundry: unspecified
            Width: unspecified
           Height: unspecified
           Weight: unspecified
            Slant: unspecified
       Foreground: unspecified
DistantForeground: unspecified
       Background: blue3
        Underline: unspecified
         Overline: unspecified
   Strike-through: unspecified
              Box: unspecified
          Inverse: unspecified
          Stipple: unspecified
             Font: unspecified
          Fontset: unspecified
          Inherit: unspecified

When I say "invisible region", I mean that it appears just like normal text.

PS: All the developers who responded to you have been very polite. They all have been very helpful to me. I respect all of them.
Yeah, I even praised in a blog of mine, and I stuck to GNU Emacs even when XEemacs was all the rage. But that apparently does not prevent GNU Emacs from self-immolation, notably on the altar of mainstream compatibility.



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