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Re: calwf

From: Uwe Brauer
Subject: Re: calwf
Date: Fri, 15 Jan 2016 09:06:13 +0000
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>>> "Stefan" == Stefan Monnier <> writes:

   >> I could make a change in emacswiki.
   > Better is to distribute the new version in some Git repository.
   > [ I personally favor the elpa.git one, when possible.  ]

   >> wrap the old code with a
   >> (if (featurep    'xemacs)?

   > For example, yes.

I encountered a related problem. In the old calendar code there was a


This hook has been removed by
commit 3f65970414538063e38ada2a47cb4ef4f35b630e
Author: Glenn Morris <>
Date:   Sun Oct 5 19:02:04 2014 -0700

However that hook allowed be the following setting.

(add-hook 'diary-display-hook 'sort-diary-entries)
(add-hook 'diary-display-hook 'fancy-schedule-display-desk-calendar t)
(add-hook 'diary-display-hook 'fancy-diary-display-week-graph)

Now there seems only a variable
but I don't see how to add various values. I frankly still don't see the
benefit from removing working code. I will write Glenn as well.


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