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Re: Help debugging a backtrace

From: Kaushal Modi
Subject: Re: Help debugging a backtrace
Date: Sun, 01 May 2016 19:05:07 +0000

Hi Michael,

I have made some progress on the debug and have come to some strange
conclusions that might help you or anyone else familiar with package.el and
on how packages are loaded at emacs startup from the elpa/ dir.

- This happens ONLY on my phone build as I earlier stated using the exact
same config I use on my RHEL 6.6 machine ( ).
- I prefer to put all package related stuff in a separate file. So this
issue is seen only if I do (package-initialize) in a separate file (not in
- The issue is "gone" if I move (package-initialize) to init.el
- The issue is not seen with an empty elpa/. None of my packages directly
require finder-inf. But one of them probably does so indirectly (it's
probably requiring some package, which then requires finder-inf? Not sure
..). Here is my installed package list:
- The issue is not seen with "emacs -Q -l my-init.el", but it is seen with
"emacs" (even when init.el is the exact same as my-init.el. Also there is
no default.el or site-start.el.). Huh! My understanding is that results of
both "emacs -Q -l init.el" and "emacs" should be the same in absence of
default.el or site-start.el or any site-wide .el.

With that, if I set the below as my init.el and do "emacs", I do NOT see
the issue because (package-initialize) is happening in the init.el.

===== ~/.emacs.d/init.el =====

BUT if I set the below as my init.el (move the (package-initialize) out of
init.el), then I see the ((require . finder-inf)) problem:

===== ~/.emacs.d/init.el =====
;; (package-initialize) ; Do NOT delete this comment
;; In emacs 25+, the `package-initialize' call is auto-added to the top of
;; init.el unless the user already has a commented or uncommented
;; `(package-initialize)' line present in their init.el.
;; I call this function in my-package-setup.el and so am keeping the
;; commented out version here so that package.el does not add it again.
(load (locate-user-emacs-file "my-package-setup.el") nil :nomessage)

===== ~/.emacs.d/my-package-setup.el =====
(package-initialize) ; Do not delete this line
(provide 'my-package-setup)

Note that I have the exact same elpa/ dir with the above linked list of
installed packages in both cases.

@Artur It would be great if you have time to recreate this issue on your
phone. See if you can recreate this issue with just the init.el and
my-package-setup.el approach above with your elpa/ dir intact without any

In the mean while, I will try to narrow down to the package(s) in my elpa/
that probably cause this problem.



Kaushal Modi

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