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Re: use-package

From: Kaushal Modi
Subject: Re: use-package
Date: Mon, 02 May 2016 18:47:22 +0000

> Now my real init file, emacs_init.el
> contains calls to many official packages such as auctex, orgmode, gnus
> to name a few. These calls I presume I am able to transfer to the
> use-package syntax.
> But I have also private files, with some hacks, one file with my global
> keybindings etc
> How do I treat those files?
> Maybe somebody with experience in use-package could give me an advice?

This probably has nothing to do with use-package. You can have a mix of
(use-package ..) and (require ..) forms.

I use use-package for all my packages. But I also `require' files like
setup-personal.el (which have a (provide 'setup-personal)), which I do not
commit to github.

Example use:

(require 'setup-personal nil :noerror)

If a setup-personal.el (with the right provide) is found in the load-path,
it will be required, else nothing will happen (no errors).

Then, within the setup-personal.el, I would be having use-package forms if

Hope this helps.

Kaushal Modi

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