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list-buffers behavior customization

From: Carlos Konstanski
Subject: list-buffers behavior customization
Date: Thu, 5 May 2016 14:47:07 -0600
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I quite often have 3 or 4 emacs frames open. Whenever I do a
list-buffers, it opens in whatever frame it appeared last. This is
usually not what I want. I want it to open in the frame that is
currently in focus.

The implementation looks like the following:

(defun list-buffers-noselect (&optional files-only buffer-list)
  (let ((old-buffer (current-buffer))
        (buffer (get-buffer-create "*Buffer List*")))
    (with-current-buffer buffer
      (setq Buffer-menu-files-only
            (and files-only (>= (prefix-numeric-value files-only) 0)))
      (list-buffers--refresh buffer-list old-buffer)

The sexp (get-buffer-create "*Buffer List*") is where this behavior is
coming from.

Before I try to find some way to hack this function so that it deletes
the pre-existing buffer first, is there a hook where I can do this?

Thank you,
Carlos Konstanski

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