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Re: Help

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: Help
Date: Mon, 09 May 2016 02:47:23 +0200
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... <> writes:

> I wanna ask a question about init.el. I write Elisp
> codes in it, but Emacs Seems don,t load it. Why?

Are you sure that is the file that is being read on
Emacs startup? In the Unix world, the file is .emacs,
because typically every program has an init file (or
several), and many end up in the user's home
directory, so they can't be called "init". Not even in
this case with the Elisp extention, as other Emacs
components would also be ".el"!

But you can still call it whatever you want and just
load it from .emacs - set the `load-path' there as
well so Emacs will know where to look!

But even so calling it "init" is perhaps not as good
as calling it something that describes what it
contains - "keybindings.el", for example, if that is
what it is.

Good luck!

Come back with more questions if you don't get it
to work.

PS. Another thing - try (succeed) to write a subject
    line which somehow describes your problem - this
    doesn't have to be super-elaborate, just "Emacs
    can't find init.el on startup" or something.

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