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Re: Mail posting in newsgroups in Gnus

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: Mail posting in newsgroups in Gnus
Date: Wed, 18 May 2016 05:07:02 +0200
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Bob Proulx <> writes:

> Since Friday the 6th there was a large move
> with various assorted related and unrelated
> changes ...

Thanks for sharing with us mere plebeians at

I remember one discussion about - I don't
remember what the discussion was about - but
anyway you said you enjoy writing and reading
problem/solution logs, and I suppose this is an
example of that.

Perhaps there will be one from even closer to
the center, or from the center itself, and if
not, we should all try to help Bob in his
career so in some utopian future, there will be
full disclosure :)

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Emacs Gnus Blogomatic .........
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