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Re: Emacs (nowindows) get confused about line display

From: John Mastro
Subject: Re: Emacs (nowindows) get confused about line display
Date: Fri, 20 May 2016 18:19:00 -0700

David M. Karr <> wrote:
> Actually, narrowing it down didn't take very long, but I'd still like to
> understand this better.
> The 2-3rd line of my .emacs file has this:
> --------------------------
> (set-frame-position (selected-frame) 0 0)
> (set-frame-height (selected-frame) 60)
> ----------------
> This is obviously not relevant in a emacs-nw situation, but I copied this
> from my "home" .emacs file.  Why would this cause the symptom that I'm
> seeing?
> It's easy enough to wrap this with a "(display-graphic-p)" call, but I'd
> like to understand why this is happening.

It looks like the problem is with the call to `set-frame-height'
specifically. `set-frame-position' has no effect on a tty frame.

Further, (set-frame-height (selected-frame) (frame-height)) didn't cause
any problems in my experiments; only when I set a wrong frame height did
I get Emacs into a bad state. So it's not that `set-frame-height'
inherently breaks things on a tty.

However, I don't know whether there are scenarios where it makes sense
to call `set-frame-height' on a tty frame, or if this is just one of
those "well don't do that" situations.


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