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Runtime package dependencies and compilation order

From: Boris
Subject: Runtime package dependencies and compilation order
Date: Mon, 30 May 2016 09:05:00 +0000


Recently I've faced following problem. I have a package A that might depend
on package B or (disjunction) package C. But dependency list is not known
upwards, because the list itself depends on user settings. So I don't
specify B and C in package requires section of package A. All packages are
on MELPA and installed via package.el. The problem comes when someone wants
to use the part of package A that depends on package B - if package A is
byte compiled before B, then some functionality doesn't work and you have
to manually recompile A. So the solution might be pretty simple - ask user
to install package A after package B. But in some setups there is no way (I
mean, good way) of enforcing specific order of installation. And in any
case I feel like asking such thing from users is not the right thing.

>From my understanding specifying package B as dependency solves such
issues, as package manager installs B before A. So the only solution I see
in such situation is to create package A-base, A-B (B-related functionality
that has two packages as dependency - A-base and B) and A-C (similar to

So I would like to ask if there's any other solution for the described

I hope that this is the right place to ask such questions, and sorry for
such an abstract description.

Best regards,
Best regards,
Boris @ d12frosted

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