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Build Emacs without Lisp?

From: Jeffrey Walton
Subject: Build Emacs without Lisp?
Date: Sat, 25 Jun 2016 03:50:20 -0400

I'm working in a Debian S/390x Chroot (
Its a lightweight VM-like command line environment.

I'm trying to build emacs from sources because the port does not have
a suitable package available. The features I need are (a) Open file
(b) Save file (c) Search in buffer and (d) Replace in buffer.
Everything else is superfluous. Below is my Configure line.

Things are dying during 'make install':

Using load-path (/root/emacs-24.5/lisp
/root/emacs-24.5/lisp/emacs-lisp /root/emacs-24.5/lisp/language
/root/emacs-24.5/lisp/international /root/emacs-24.5/lisp/textmodes
Loading emacs-lisp/byte-run...
/bin/bash: line 7: 23039 Segmentation fault      ./temacs --batch
--load loadup bootstrap
Makefile:815: recipe for target 'bootstrap-emacs' failed
make[1]: *** [bootstrap-emacs] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory '/root/emacs-24.5/src'
Makefile:387: recipe for target 'src' failed
make: *** [src] Error 2

Fixing bugs in Debian does not move as quickly as one would hope. And
I have observed fixing them in a port moves even slower. Additionally,
GDB usually suffers some degree of not-working-ness.

I'd like to try skipping LISP since I don't use it. Configure does not
discuss disgorging Lisp:

./configure --help | grep -i lisp
            directories Emacs should search for lisp files
            enable compile time checks for the Lisp_Object data

My questions are:

  - Is it possible to build emacs without Lisp? If so, how?

  - Are there other work arounds available for the seg fault?

Thanks in advance.


./configure --with-xml2 --with-zlib --without-x --without-sound
--without-xpm   --without-jpeg --without-tiff --without-gif
--without-png --without-rsvg   --without-imagemagick --without-xft
--without-libotf --without-m17n-flt   --without-xaw3d
--without-toolkit-scroll-bars --without-gpm --without-dbus
--without-gconf --without-gsettings --without-makeinfo

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