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List of buffers under version control?

From: Rolf Ade
Subject: List of buffers under version control?
Date: Thu, 28 Jul 2016 02:03:56 +0200
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I often edit files in emacs, that are under version control. It should
not, but it happens, that I haven#t save-buffer some buffer, while
check-in on the cmd line.

Since I already sometimes use a wrapper around my scm cmd line tool I
imagined, that my wrapper could ask the running emacs about unsaved
buffers under version control and warn me before actually checking in.

Looks, emacsclient -e is the most general interpretation of 'query the
running emacs' and emacsclient already works for me. Although I didn't
was aware of -e so far less than five Minutes and it still looks easily

But from that, it started to get swampy. I'd like to get a yes / no
answer from emacs, if one (or more) of 'some buffers' is unsaved. I don't
want to provide, what 'some buffers' mean. A good heuristic for my usage
habits would be: some buffers are all files under version control.

I tinkered araound more than a half hour, but wasn't able to come up
with a few simple lines of emacs lisp that do that. How should I do?

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