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Re: Emacs opens a file on startup - I cant figure out why??

From: Óscar Fuentes
Subject: Re: Emacs opens a file on startup - I cant figure out why??
Date: Wed, 07 Sep 2016 20:25:36 +0200
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Shlomi Vaknin <> writes:

> I love to live in my emacs, and recently the strangest thing has happened
> to me.. While messing around with emacs, compiling it, messing with its
> configuration etc, I opened some file, and now that file buffer simply wont
> go away.. :P
> I have completly removed .emacs.d directory, completly reinstalled emacs, I
> am starting emacs like this:
> emacs -q --no-init-file  --no-desktop
> But still, the moment emacs is open, it opens this buffer! I tried to
> find/grep everywhere I could think of for that file name, but nothing comes
> up.... Nothing useful in *Messages* either.. Where could this come from?
> Any ideas???

Maybe you dumped Emacs with that file loaded. See C-h f dump-emacs.
Although IIRC you can't dump an already dumped Emacs.

Try rebuilding Emacs to see if the new executable does the same. Or, if
you have another Emacs binary around, try running it.

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