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Re: OT: version control of .el files in NT Emacs

From: Sivaram Neelakantan
Subject: Re: OT: version control of .el files in NT Emacs
Date: Sat, 10 Sep 2016 19:34:47 +0530
User-agent: Gnus/5.130015 (Ma Gnus v0.15) Emacs/24.4 (windows-nt)

On Sat, Sep 10 2016,Óscar Fuentes wrote:

[snipped 17 lines]

> If you always use absolute paths and don't plan to change them, not
> much, other than noise. The lines I suggested makes possible to move
> your files to another directory requiring only a change to $HOME/.emacs.
> And by not setting user-init-file some features will try to
> inspect/modify $HOME/.emacs instead of your_el_repo/emacs.el.

OK, then I better fix that.

[snipped 8 lines]

> Prepending those files with a dot is not a good idea. The dot means that
> the files are hidden on most GNU/Linux file browsers and might confuse
> some tools on windows, that expect file names to obey the name.extension
> format.

Yes the naming was deliberate with a . prefix.  I didn't want the
files to clutter my $HOME/ in my linux box, so I let it get hidden by
using a . prefix.  On Windows, so far, I haven't had any problems as
no other program looks for these kind of files

> Besides, load-file is an interactive function that calls `load'. With
> my suggested adjustment to load-path you can simply use
> (load "text_config.el")
> or simply
> (load "text_config")
> which will also work if you ever decide to byte-compile your config files.

Thanks for this.  I will relook at the load-path suggestion of yours.

[snipped 7 lines]

> One thing I do is to use a separate file for customizations:
> (setq custom-file
>   (concat (file-name-directory load-file-name) "customizations.el"))
> (load custom-file 't)

Sorry, I'm lost here; could you please give an example of your set up and how
it helps.  I broke up my .emacs to manage the customisations for each
mode.  How would your example help?

> If you use custom themes you probably want to set custom-theme-directory
> too.

Right, will fix this too, as I see this

custom-theme-directory is a variable defined in `custom.el'.
Its value is "~/.emacs.d/"
Original value was 



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