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Re: Gnus: Gcc and imap folders

From: Tassilo Horn
Subject: Re: Gnus: Gcc and imap folders
Date: Mon, 12 Sep 2016 18:22:36 +0200
User-agent: Gnus/5.13 (Gnus v5.13) Emacs/25.1.50 (gnu/linux)

Arash Esbati <> writes:

Hi Arash,

>>> I can't get Gcc and threading work reliably in imap folders.  Here an
>>> example: Incoming mail is shown without parent.
>>> [img]
>>> When I hit `A r', the parent is shown and I get threading:
>> I can't see your screenshot (I'm ssh-ed into a server) but can it be
>> that you don't see the parents because you've already read them
>> before?
> Thanks for your response.  Yes, it is the case, I have "already seen"
> parents, but I have `(display . all)' in my `gnus-parameters', so Gnus
> shows the old messages.
>> By default, Gnus won't show old mail.  That's controlled by this
>> variable.
>> ,----[ C-h v gnus-fetch-old-headers RET ]
> I tried your suggestion, but no avail.  With or without your suggestion,
> I have threads in the same group where Gcc works and looks like this:
> O  +  80: → emacs-devel@gnu.or 19-Aug Emacs binaries for Windows
> OA ├─▶   58: Name 1               19-Aug 
> O  │ └─▶  139: → Name 1             19-Aug 
> OA └─▶   85: Name 2               19-Aug 
> O   └─▶   63: → Name 2             19-Aug
> In other, newer threads, my messages (→ Name 1) don't show up, only when
> I hit `A r'.
> I get something by setting `(gnus-build-sparse-threads 'more)' in
> `gnus-parameters', but it has other side effects:
> O  +  24: Name 1               09-Sep Re: Real key-val query for 
> \includegraphics
> Q  └─▶    0:                      10-Sep 
> OA  └─▶   17: Name 1               10-Sep 
> My message show up, but looks totally broken (0:     ).

Sorry, I have no clue.  I use `gnus-fetch-old-headers' set to 'some and
no special parameters like `(display . all)', and when there are two new
messages in the same thread, then everything up to their common parent
is shown (as advertised by the value 'some).  So maybe you want to try
that just to see if the `display' parameter has something to do with

>>> One thing occured to me is that pretty printing of char numbers is
>>> broken (n/a) -- it looks fine for the same message in my sent-mail
>>> archive (I Gcc all mails into nnml+archive:sent-mail, see below).
>> What are "char numbers"?
> I was referring to Gnus manual, section 3.1.1 Summary Buffer Lines:
> ‘k’
>     Pretty-printed version of the number of characters in the article;
>     for example, ‘1.2k’ or ‘0.4M’.
> In my `gnus-parameters', I had this for this group
> (gnus-summary-line-format "%U%R%z%B%(%4k: %-20,20f%) %d %3{%s%}\n")
> But it doesn't work and our thread looks like this (after `A r'):
> ✓  + n/a: → help-gnu-emacs@gnu 02-Sep Gnus: Gcc and imap folders
> ✓  └─▶ 5.0k: Tassilo Horn         12-Sep
> I'm running out of ideas how to get my hands on this.

Ah, ok, now I understand.  So I've put %k in my
`gnus-summary-line-format' as well, and my numbers are all ok even after
I pulled in more articles via `A r'.  So what does that tell us?  I
don't know. :-(


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