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starting a campaign to financially support emacs development?

From: toogley
Subject: starting a campaign to financially support emacs development?
Date: Tue, 20 Sep 2016 22:01:53 +0200 (CEST)


as the 'neovim' project [1] has started a while ago a sponsor campaign to 
support its development[2], i thought sth like that would be also appliable for 
emacs. The Idea is that everybody who likes to encourage emacs development 
would pay a little money once - or even better, regularly. This way, the GNU 
project will may be able to employ a second maintainer and/or increase Quality 
standards (e.g. by using a continuous integration server or whatever, i don't 
know much about this :D).

I would love sth like that to happen. But i'm not a good organizing person, so 
i don't know much about how to start.

Basically, the target of this Email is to collect opinions on the idea of 
financially supporting emacs development, as well its implementation (with 
that, i mean how to announce/communicate that, etc.).

Note: I already asked the donations person about generally supporting 
specifically the emacs development, but they said currently its not possible - 
but I could donate to GNU, because tehy are responsible for the bug tracker and 
such. However, i personally like the idea of specifically donating to the emacs 
development team or sth like that.


- Do you like this idea? Whats your general opinion on this topic?
- What do you think would help the development of Emacs most?
- How should we begin? Should we first count how many people would like to 
contribute how much to the emacs development, to convince the GNU project to 
support this idea?
- How should we organize this?



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