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Re: how to redo align-regexp?

From: HASM
Subject: Re: how to redo align-regexp?
Date: Thu, 06 Oct 2016 14:32:26 -0700
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>> I'll need to wrap align-regexp with a function that uses the current
>> region.

> Not sure IIUC.  `align-regexp' actually already uses the current
> region AFAICS.

It does, if invoked directly, but repeat-complex-command brings back the
first invocation with the "old region", not the "current region".

> Let me be more clear on what I suggest.

I (almost) understood your suggestion.

> M-x M-p RET M-p RET.

OK, M-x M-p, is faster than re-running Mx align-regexp, but still C-X
M-ESC is even faster and burned into my brain/fingers from years of use.


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