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Re: Emacs for over aged hippies?!

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: Emacs for over aged hippies?!
Date: Tue, 11 Oct 2016 05:19:09 +0200
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Filipe Silva <> writes:

> Funny that there's a renewed interest for keybind
> intensive editors like emacs and vim. I'm seeing quite
> a few of my coworkers and friends who program trying
> to learn vim or emacs. And I was born in 1982.

Professional programmers of today's age are a joke.
We are the real professionals. That's why I have
a bike repair shop and work in the forest. That means
the real mechanics and wood choppers are probably
doing it all evenings and nights with no pay or
encouragement whatsoever, thinking my God, the
mechanics and wood choppers of today's age are a joke!

Seriously, I have a big, cold, dark and quiet room
with a Raspberry Pi, the Pi version of Debian, and
a projector that displays the glory on a white bed
sheet. It is all some 4000 SEK, 3000 of which is the
projector and the rest the Pi.

Now, today I was in an office building and I looked
into a room which housed a development studio doing
a chess application for the "smart"phone plague.
The room was not bigger than 15 squares and it housed
no less then five puny guys all dressed in black,
backs bent staring into their laptops which really
upheld that designation, if you know what I'm saying.

I didn't dare to look close enough to see their
software tho. Maybe they DID use Emacs or vim?
No - impossible! They were on Eclipse or perhaps some
web-based JavaScript browser... they had to be!

> I think that's because of the devops/docker surge.
> It forces you to work with unix, many times without
> a gui.

Everyone wants to use Unix without a GUI. The last
part, only the coolest manage.

Mind you, even tho the original AT&T UNIX was once
contained, it didn't stop it from spreading first to
the commercial world, then the university world, and
then to the rest of the world with the Linuxes of the
90s and onwards ever since. With the R-Pis, it might
even spread to the subatomic world, eventually...

> And you have to be efficient editing text in this
> guiless environment. And then you discover that you
> are orders of magnitude more efficient editing text
> without a mouse. And then you're hooked.

In fact, you become so efficient, all you do is do
even more advanced stuff, which makes you want to do
and enables you to do even more advanced stuff, so
before long you do it 24/7 with no time to eat or
sleep and the amazing thing is just how efficient it
is :)

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