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Extend Dired to Call a Function on a File?

From: Brendan Leber
Subject: Extend Dired to Call a Function on a File?
Date: Wed, 12 Oct 2016 10:46:07 -0700


I have a function I've used to work on files that right now I call
manually with M-x my-shiny-function RET my-shiny.file.  This works
great for the one off file.  Yet I usually have to process batches of
files in a given directory.  Being able to add a key binding to dired
would be awesome as I'm already using dired on the directory to rename
files and such.

I know enough elisp to add the key binding and write the function, I
think.  The place I'm stuck is getting the file name as the first
argument to the function when the binding is pressed.  Can anyone
share some pointers to make this happen?


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