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Missing public key when checking signature of my emacs lisp package

From: Дронов Евгений
Subject: Missing public key when checking signature of my emacs lisp package
Date: Sun, 23 Oct 2016 00:38:55 +0300

Greetings to GNU Emacs support! I'm making emacs-lisp package (library) and i 
want it to be uploaded to emacs default package-archive  
But before doing so i've decided to upload it to my local package-archive 
(directory on my computer) and check the experience that any person can get 
trying to install my package.

Unfortunately, when i try to install it from my local package-archive i get the 

Failed to verify signature MyPackageName.tar.sig:
No public key for key-id created at 2016-10-22T23:42:29+0300 using RSA

I don't understand why it doesn't find public key. I've created my key-pair 
using "gpg gen-key" command. Signed my package .tar file with command "gpg -ba 
-o MyPackageName.tar.sig MyPackageName.tar". Copied output of command "gpg 
--export -a key-id" to clipboard. Pasted it in 'Submit a key' form in and submitted - so my public key should be available for 
everyone right now. But signature - checking at the installation of my package 
fails. I don't understand , why?

Maybe my whole signing sequence is wrong, i don't know. Emacs-lisp packaging 
documentation doesn't say much about this. Emacs EasyPG Assistant also doesn't 
help because its basic signing commands give me .gpg-file signatures but it 
seems that
emacs package installator can only read .sig-file signatures. 

What am i doing wrong? Please help me!

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