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term-mode doesn't recognize "set window title" instruction

From: York Zhao
Subject: term-mode doesn't recognize "set window title" instruction
Date: Sun, 20 Nov 2016 13:06:52 -0500

Hi list,

In my .bashrc file, I have the following to set the terminal window title
and customize the shell prompt:

  PS1='\[\033]0;${PWD//[^[:ascii:]]/?}\007\]' # set window title
  PS1="$PS1"'\u@\h $ '             # user@host $<space>

The first line makes the current directory shown as the title of the
terminal window, and the prompt would be shows as:

  york@linux-host $

However, the first line which sets the terminal window title confused the
term-mode, and the following is what gets shown in term-mode buffer:

  0;/home/yorkyork@linux-host $

Of course the problem can be addressed by removing the first line in my
.bashrc file which sets the title of terminal window. However, I would love
to know if there's a way to allow the terminal window title to be shown,
while at the same time, also making Emacs term-mode happy!

Thanks in advance

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