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Re: seperating current profile builds from old ones

From: Stefan Huchler
Subject: Re: seperating current profile builds from old ones
Date: Tue, 29 Nov 2016 18:00:02 +0100
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Sorry did wrote that in wrong group cancel message seems to not work
over nntp / gmane?

Is there a way to delete this thread?

Stefan Huchler <> writes:

> I was so cracy that I installed nixos on a 16gb chromebook. which makes
> every update now very hard, because of space problems.
> So well then I thought I have this 64gb sd(hx?) card lets just move the
> whole /nix/store there. But when I run a hdparm -tT performance test I
> got I think 17mb/s vs 170mb/s read results sdcard vs internal flash.
> So I would prefer to not slow my complete system down by putting it
> completly on the sdcard, but I would like to have some history to revert
> back to something.
> Is there a way to keep only the packages form the current profile on the
> internal flash and move old stuff to the sdcard?
> Or should I use some sort of raid (btrfs maybe) to spread the files over
> both devises.
> I also thought about putting all on the sdcard but have a very big swap
> file on the internal flash. But I think the System dont has to swap much
> on my setup. so the first read would be where it counts.
> Or maybe just install for the user the packages he needs most under his
> user profile, like the browser which I restart very often.
> Is there some nixos-way to do that?
> Or any suggestions would be nice.
> Thanks

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