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Questions: classical X embedding, vc for Fossil

From: René Kuligowski
Subject: Questions: classical X embedding, vc for Fossil
Date: Sat, 03 Dec 2016 07:02:36 -0100
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To whom it may concern & Dear people,

two questions mar my enjoyment of Emacs:

– is it possible to use the VC interface with the Fossil system ( Or, more specific, will support for Fossil be added? (and *no*, I am not going to switch to git or mercurial or back to cvs for a *lot* of reasons…)

– asides from ImageMagick, FFMPEG ought to be a compilation option, adding full integral media support (eg. for the embedded GTK3-Webbrowser or emms).

– why is X embedding only implemented for GTK3 (and rudimentary at that), not even for GTK2 or Athena/Xtk-Widgets? Embedding has been around for more than twenty years, as eg. FVWMButtons, XTerm, Tabbed, or many other applications have been showing for a looong time. It is about darn time that Emacs gets *complete* X-embedding capability to both be embedded in other apps and to embed other apps (eg. XTerm or Ghostview) in itself. To program that interface is not *that* hard, mind you…

from an otherwise quite content Emacs user,

René Kuligowski

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