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Re: text displayed in the header line with wrong faces

From: Ernest Adrogué
Subject: Re: text displayed in the header line with wrong faces
Date: Tue, 20 Dec 2016 22:14:06 +0100
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2016-12-20, 20:36 (+0200); Eli Zaretskii escriu:
> > Date: Tue, 20 Dec 2016 15:57:26 +0100
> > From: Ernest Adrogué <>
> > 
> > (let ((cyan "#2aa198") (white "#ffffff"))
> >   (setq header-line-format
> >         (propertize
> >          "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz"
> >          'face `(:foreground ,cyan :background ,white))))
> >          
> > It displays cyan text on white when I select any custom theme other than
> > solarized, tsdh-dark or tsdh-light (the latter two are bundled with
> > Emacs, I think) and white text on cyan background when I select one of
> > those.
> The header-line face, as defined in faces.el, inherits from mode-line,
> and mode-line has the inverse-video attribute set.  When a theme
> specifies both foreground and background colors for the mode-line
> face, those colors specify the face completely, so the inverse-video
> attribute is disabled.  But the themes you mention as deviant specify
> only one of the two colors, so the inverse-video attribute stays.
> You can see all this if you invoke customize-face.

Actually, I think that these themes simply customize the header-line
face and set the inverse-video attribute.  It didn't occur to me that
this could matter, since the header-line face isn't used explicitly.


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