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Re: What's twiddle in emacs-goodies pacakage ?

From: Michael Heerdegen
Subject: Re: What's twiddle in emacs-goodies pacakage ?
Date: Tue, 21 Feb 2017 03:52:58 +0100
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chaouche yacine <> writes:

> Hello, My linux distribution comes with an emacs-goodies-el
> package. It lists twiddle as : "mode line hacks to keep you awake;" I
> tried M-x twiddle-start on the command line but I don't understand
> what this does. I am curious to know what's this for ?

In my version of emacs-goodies-el there is a bug in
`twiddle-frob-mode-line-format'.  When I evaluate

#+begin_src emacs-lisp
(defun twiddle-frob-mode-line-format ()
  (let* ((format (default-value 'mode-line-format))
         ;; XEmacs 19.14 has "-%-" as the last elt by default.
         (end (or (member "%-" format)
                  (member "-%-" format))))
    (cond (end
           (setcdr end (cons (car end) (cdr end)))
           (setcar end 'twiddle-mode-string))
          (t (nconc format '(twiddle-mode-string))))))

(I changed the last line) after loading the package and hit M-x
twiddle-start, at least something happens, where "something" is
different from "nothing" after all (I get a spinning bar in the

I guess this package is not so super useful for interactive usage.


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