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Re: using auctex key bindings in C/C++ mode

From: Sivaram Neelakantan
Subject: Re: using auctex key bindings in C/C++ mode
Date: Mon, 27 Feb 2017 08:14:27 +0530
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On Sun, Feb 26 2017,Nathanael Schweers wrote:

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> I’m not sure, as I don’t write that much C or C++ code.  You can find
> out easily what those particalar bindings are for your configuration.
> Just press C-h k C-c C-c to check what the current binding is (there may
> be none, which would be good).  The same goes for C-h k C-;

Oh, I'm aware of the bindings.  What I meant was, I'm so used to
auctex bindings for compiling/commenting that I thought it would be a
good idea to use similar bindings for C/C++

>> And is there a canonical way to unbind and rebind the defaults in
>> C/C++ mode?
> I’m not sure if it’s canonical; just say something like this:
> (add-hook
>  'c++-mode-hook
>  (lambda () (define-key c++-mode-map (kbd "C-c C-c") 'compile)))

Thanks, will try these out

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