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Re: What are you doing ?

From: Dan Čermák
Subject: Re: What are you doing ?
Date: Thu, 02 Mar 2017 11:11:10 +0100

Not really an answer, but you could use zenity or notify-send (at least
on Linux, don't know about other platforms) to get desktop notifications
from within Emacs.



chaouche yacine <> writes:

> Sorry if that sounds like clickbait, coming up with good e-mail subjects can 
> be time consuming sometimes.I sometimes wish I would have written what I have 
> done during the day, to keep track of my activity. 
> I have recently adopted a workflow where I would open a new YYYYMMDD.log file 
> on a daily basis and write try to keep a log of my daily activities.I then 
> switched to howm, but that's just a detail which helps me browse files more 
> conveniently.
> After approx 15 days of using this method, I find that at some days I forgot 
> to write a lot of what I got done, or timewasters that kept me busy instead 
> of doing actual work.
> I was thinking about setting some sort of reminder that would ask me, every 
> hour (or half an hour) what I was doing ? so that I would be reminded of 
> writing something in the activity log file. 
> What do you guys think ? is emacs the good place to set such a reminder (I 
> often use the browser so I might skip some notifications it they would only 
> show in the emacs window, I guess... but then I don't think I'd spend a whole 
> hour without looking at the emacs window at least once so this shouldn't be a 
> problem I guess, I don't know... what do you think ?)
> -- Yassine.

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