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Re: Help with windows and 'quit-restore

From: Eric Abrahamsen
Subject: Re: Help with windows and 'quit-restore
Date: Sat, 04 Mar 2017 09:37:08 -0800
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martin rudalics <> writes:


> Right.  ‘display-buffer’ is "user" level while
> ‘display-buffer-record-window’ is "coder" level.  What you do is
> "coding" and you are supposed to know what you do.

Well, now I do :)

>> I don't know if this is a bug -- I'm the one insisting on doing it
>> manually, after all -- but it also wouldn't hurt to put a `get-buffer'
>> in `display-buffer-record-window' and ensure that it's always a buffer
>> object that gets recorded in the quit-restore parameter.
> I have tried to use BUFFER-OR-NAME and BUFFER in a consistent manner
> throughout the window.el code base.  If you compare the current code
> with earlier versions you will notice that this required some work.  See
> the ‘window-normalize-buffer’ function which interprets nil as meaning
> the current buffer and does not allow a string to name a non-existent
> buffer.  All these checks are meant for catching user errors and are
> redundant at lower levels.  So I'd rather not change that.

I didn't mean this as criticism or even really a bug report! If it's
intentional, and I understand why it is, then all is well.


>> I'm still up for doc suggestions, once I'm confident I actually
>> understand what's happening.
> We should move our discussion to emcs-devel, also because I'm not
> subscribed to help-gnu-emacs.  There you will also find a patch for
> bug#25946 which incorporates your earlier proposal to clear the list of
> previous buffers in ‘display-buffer-record-window’.

I still think slightly clearer docs could have helped me solve this
problem without coming to the list at all, so it's worthwhile. I'll
follow up on emacs-devel, and the bug report.

Thanks for your time,

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